Jan 16, 2009

And Now the Fun Begins

She's pretty much gotten crawling down. She is into EVERYTHING. Every cord or cable that she can see, she makes a b-line for it. And Poor Taco. We may have to start giving her Prozac or something, cause Sugar is going to drive her crazy.

Anyway, I thought I'd upload a few videos for friends and family to see for themselves.

In the first video, she'd spotted the cables that Reagan has over behind the stereo, TV, etc. Not only is she learning to crawl, she is quickly learning "No" as well. She knows what it means. Because as soon as one of us says it, she starts frowning or whining. But her curiosity almost ALWAYS overtakes her.

In this video she was working her way to my slippers. Luckily, I realized that before she got there. 

And finally, poor baby, she just wants her Mommy to pick her up and hold her. She crawled over in front of where I was sitting on the couch and sat there looking up at me. 

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~the mccrarys~ said...

she's so cute crawling! at her rate she'll be walking before rylie! lol