Jan 11, 2009


Sara Madalin and Cash both showed up in the nursery this morning with matching bibs. Everyone thought it was so cute that we took a picture.

And just so you know, I send her to the nursery with shoes on and a headband and hairbow. By the time I pick her up, the shoes and the headband are gone. 

We were told that she is learning to stand up for herself in there. Apparently, she had a toy and someone tried to take it from her.  It had a string on it. Like the toys you pull along behind you. She grabbed the string and pulled it back to her, away from the little boy that took it from her. She's the only girl in there so I guess she has to learn to stand up for herself sooner or later.

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Regina and David said...

Those bibs are cute! How funny that they both had them on.

Jana said...

Hey SM do you think I can borrow that bib for alittle while! Maybe that is what I am missing!!