Jan 25, 2009

The Crew at Cracker Barrel

Mr. Johnny (Scooter) was ordained as a deacon tonight. Reagan went to the service. I was unable to attend since I teach a class on Sunday nights. After services, he called me and told me that a group of them were going to eat at Cracker Barrel. Sara Madalin and I met them there.

When we got there, Gramps and Granny were there. Gramps wanted a picture with our sweet girl. She was distracted by everything and everyone around her.

Here's the majority of the crew. Me, Reagan and Martha didn't make it in the picture.

"Take my picture. I want to be on the blog."

These next two subjects were not as cooperative. Sara Madalin looked at me in the first picture while Martha turned away. 

Then Martha looked, but Sara Madalin was distracted by the buttons on Martha's sweater.

Obviously, we're going to have a discussion or two about proper etiquette at the table.

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~the mccrarys~ said...

lol she's at least comfy when she eats! so cute!