Jan 30, 2009

Flashback Friday #2

Oh yeah, I was rocking the lei and the flower halo. And look at those sun shades I'm wearing. My, my, my.

The pictures I'm posting today are from July 1999. We went to Hawaii with our friends Jimmy and Renee and their son Blake. We went over to visit Jimmy's cousin, Craig. Craig was stationed there at the time in the Air Force. It was such a fun trip. 

We actually flew in to Wakiki on the island of Oahu, then flew on over to Maui. We spent a couple days on the island of Maui and then went back to Oahu. We were able to stay on the military base with Craig and his family while on Oahu. He gave us a driving tour of the base and pointed out buildings where you could still see evidence of the Pearl Harbor attack.

We went out to eat and see a show one night in downtown Wakiki. This is the group of us (minus me... hello? I'm taking the picture.) outside the show. There were all kind of street performers and vendors. I think I even saw a couple of "working girls" but I can't be sure, since I don't really know what they look like. Or even if they would look any different than anyone else. Anyway, where was I? Oh, Wakiki. Dinner and  show. Street performers. One of the street performers was walking around with these birds and handing them to people, then taking their picture. Then he wanted you to buy the picture from him. I love this picture of Renee. It's so funny. Reagan's poor bird looks scared stiff... literally.

I think this was actually on Maui. We went driving one day. And being from Mississippi and not really seeing a whole lot of the ocean, I think we stopped at every place we could pull over and take a picture with the water and the waves in the background. 

And then, the highlight of my trip was the luau that we attended on Oahu. Reagan and I had attended the same luau on our honeymoon. I think we even took a photo with the lady on the left. I know she was there both times. She has a very distinctive voice. And she's beautiful. And here I am again with all my flowers. Oh, and notice we dressed alike. That was before I realized only 2 year old twins and 75 year old retirees can do that  and it be ok.

So, there's a flashback for you. Mahalo.

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The Glenn Gang said...

2 year old twins and 75 year old retirees...HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

That made me laugh out loud!!

K Storm said...

Fun!! I want to go one day!