Jan 10, 2009

Good Oral Hygiene

Now that I have a couple teeth, my Mommy thinks it would be wise to brush them. She said that there's a sign at the dentist's office that says I don't have to brush all my teeth, just the ones I want to keep. I hope I get to keep all of them for a while. They were enough trouble to get, I'm not planning on messing them up and losing them until it's absolutely necessary.

So, Mommy put some stuff on a brush, then do you know what she did? She stuck it in my mouth. And I think I heard her say she was going to do it all again tomorrow. I guess it's all part of growing into a big girl. I think I'm up for it.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Something that helped us with Jonah was having a toothbrush that he could "teethe" on while sitting in our lap. We obviously didn't let him walk around with it but if he was in our lap or in the exersaucer or something, we would give it to him. It made him unafraid of the brush and he loves it to this day.

Lynn said...

Bless her heart,LOL, she never knows what she is in store for. A new lesson every day.

~the mccrarys~ said...

rylie LOVES gettin her teeth brushed! it's so cute! it's such a big-girl thing to do too! way to go sara madalin!