Jan 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Anna!

Last night we went to Bonsai for Anna's birthday. We waited for almost two hours to be seated. So, of course, I took an opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Here are Anna and Sara Madalin. Actually, Sara Madalin did well with the wait. We gave her a bottle a little before she was due for one and it held her off until we were seated.

Shannon, Amy and Mrs. Jenetter

Me and Reagan

Anna and me

B.B. and Scooter

After we ate at Bonsai, we went to Shannon and John's for cake and ice cream. Oh, and presents! Here's Sara Madalin in a birthday hat.

Amy and Craig

Reagan, Sara Madalin and me

Hayes helped blow out the candles

John and his sweetheart, Shannon

Anna and Sara Madalin

Amy is such a nut. I'm not sure what she was doing here. I think she was trying to play with Trey or something. 

Craig and Sara Madalin

Sara Madalin right before she took the party hat off.

We had a great time. She enjoyed herself so much. We always have so much fun when we get together with all these sweet, FUNNY friends.

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Regina and David said...

These are some really good pictures of everyone. Looks like Anna had a great birthday! I love the pic of Reagan kissing you on the cheek, it's sweet! Wish I had some Bonsai! :(

The Glenn Gang said...

Bonsai...yummy! We miss these crazy people!