Jan 12, 2009

I Wanna Swim Like a Whaley...

We went to Maley Swim School tonight and had so much fun. Our sweet girl needs some activity and stimulation and we thought swimming lessons might be a great idea. So, we signed her up and bought a swim suit and off we went.

When we got there, we (she and I) changed into our swimsuits we watched some of the other classes as they finished up. Sara Madalin was curious about everything. She loves to watch other children.

The first thing we did was play ring-around-the-roses. We were learning to splash water with this game and song.

Then we lined up in front of a ducky or a frog on the side of the pool. Then we kick-kick-kick to the edge and learn to crawl up on the side of the pool to the duck. Then I put the duck in the water with me and count to three to teach her to hold her breath and jump to me. But she would get mad at me when I'd take the duck from her and put it in the pool. She's got a temper, this one.

Then the instructor put a big foam ducky in the middle of the pool and we kicked-kicked-kicked to the ducky. Once there, I was supposed to sit her on the ducky with the other children.

She found her Daddy through the window. He was there to take photos and video for us.

The videos are out of order of how they occurred, but here are videos from our first swimming lesson.

Here she had to kick-kick-kick to the side, climb up, then "slide" down to me. The goal is, that by the time she can walk, she'll crawl up, stand, walk to the slide, climb up and slide down to me on her own.

I love this video. She is learning to kick while on her back. I don't think she did as much kicking as she did relaxing.

We played a game where we put a ring in the water and she's supposed to learn to reach in the water to pick it up. Eventually, we'll move to deeper and she'll be able to hold her breath and put her head under the water to get the ring. Problem is, she was not happy at all when I'd take the ring and put it back in the water.

Ring around the rosies. We learned to splash the water. She had NO problem with that.

One lesson down, 14 more to go.

I have a few more videos. If I have time tomorrow night I'll try to post them. We had so much fun.

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Regina and David said...

I don't know who had more fun, Sara Madalin or her mommie??? looks like you both had a great time. Hope all her lessons are a joy.

~the mccrarys~ said...

what fun! i think rylie will do swimming this summer. they dont offer her age right now. keep posting pics of swim class!

Jana said...

O I can't wait to go see this!! All these mommies trying to play off there excercise time has there "child's swim lesson"!!! But I do have to say she sure is cute in that little swim suite!!!
p.s. this is jana incase I don't do it right!

Heather said...

Awww...SO cute! Love that video of her where she was on her back and was supposed to be learning how to kick but instead looked like she was just lounging in mommy's arms!