Jan 17, 2009

If At First You Don't Succeed

She is persistent, this sweet girl. She has been trying for weeks to get over the shelf under the coffee table. (And I'm sure our most faithful followers have watched and waited and read with bated breath to see when, oh when, will she ever make it over.) This morning, after a night of little sleep (she's teething again), I took a nap while Reagan played with Sara Madalin for a while. When I got up, he told me to look at the pictures on the camera. And this is what I found.

Look at the determination on that face.

And she has gone back and forth under there as many times as we would let her this morning and this evening. At least she doesn't give up. I hope that's a trait she carries throughout her life. Now, I just have to wait to see what feat she takes on next. Stay tuned.

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