Jan 2, 2009

Me and the Boys

Tonight my cousins came over for dinner and to open presents. My Aunt Brandi and her family live far away and this is the earliest they could make it for Christmas.  My Aunt Beth and Papaw came too. But my cousins are more fun.

Here is a picture of me and them with Papaw. I'm the only girl. I have another boy cousin and a girl cousin, but they were not here tonight.

Here is Elijah, me, Papaw, Trent, Jeremiah, and Cayden. Mommy tried to get us all to look at the camera, but there was just too much excitement. Elijah was trying to help point us all toward her, but no one would listen to him. Especially me. I wanted his cap. By the way, did anyone hear that Ole Miss won the Cotton Bowl? Yeah, I try to keep up with that kind of stuff. That's why I needed that hat - to support mine and Daddy's team.

This is Jeremiah and my Papaw opening gifts. Jeremiah got bells. Eight of them. Guess what the four boys did. They all got a bell for each hand and started ringing them. REALLY LOUDLY!!!! Then Uncle Jeff took them away and they couldn't play with them any more.

Here I am with my Aunt Beth. She is my Mommy's youngest sister and Trent and Cayden's mommy. She helped me open my presents. I didn't need much help though. I'm pretty good at tearing into that paper stuff by now.

This is my cousin Cayden. Mommy told him to smile for a picture. He's so funny.

We had a good time. It was really loud at our house though. I liked it. I think we need more noise around here. I'll have to see what I can do to work on that. I'm open to suggestions.

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