Jan 12, 2009

Mommy's Slippers

I wear slippers at home. Reagan has always made fun of me. But I do it anyway. Well, my sweet girl is taken by my slippers. I have to take them off when I sit on the couch and put them on the table or on the recliner or somewhere out of her reach.  Tonight she found them on the coffee table.

You can almost see the process of thought going on here. She looks at me to see if I'm watching.

Then, once she realized I was watching, she tried to play it cool. She's probably thinking, "I'll have to be patient on this one. But one day soon... those shoes are MINE."

She is exploring ALL over the house now. She was in the bathroom with Reagan this morning and our closet door was open. She crawled in there and got one of my furry boots and Reagan said she pulled it back out into the bathroom to play with it. Tonight she found Taco's food and water bowls. Good thing we already have baby gates up. Looks like we'll start using them more often.

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