Jan 26, 2009

More Christmas Gifts - With Video

Here are a few more videos from Saturday night. I wanted to post them because I think Hayes is so funny in these. The kids (Trey, Hayes, and Sara Madalin) were opening Christmas presents, cause, you know, we all like to drag things like Christmas out just as long as we possibly can. Actually, this is the first year since Reagan and I met that we weren't able to get together with Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Anne and the girls during the holidays. We usually all go to Mrs. Anne's and Reagan cooks spaghetti, REAL garlic bread and a dessert. The rest of us sit around talking while he's cooking. It works better that way. Occasionally, Mrs. Anne, Amy, Anna, Shannon, or I will wander into the kitchen to taste the bread. But only cause we want to make sure Reagan's not lonely in there. Then after dinner we open presents and sit around talking about crazy stories from the past.

This year, everyone had so much going on that we never found, or made, time to fit it in. Amy got married, so she had new obligations with Craig. Anna moved into her condo. We had Sara Madalin. And Shannon and John are always so busy. So, Saturday night, before Anna opened her birthday gifts, the kids opened their Christmas gifts. It was CRAZY! But it usually is when we all get together. But it is so much fun.

I laugh every time I watch this video. You would think Hayes was opening gold or diamonds. He's so intense. And Scooter was not helping matters. Just so you know, he (Hayes) was "helping" Sara Madalin open a gift from B.B. She was way more interested in the paper and the bow that came off the package. The funny part is Hayes though. And Scooter in the background, "What is it Hayes? What is it?" And just to put things in perspective, this was as quiet as things got all night. Yes, the rest of the night was LOUDER. But I can't imagine it being any other way with this crew.

In the next video, watch the look on Sara Madalin's face as Shannon takes that paper from her. I'd say she wasn't too happy about that. And then there's Hayes again, keeping things interesting.

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John and Shannon said...

We enjoyed hanging out with y'all that night. The videos were great (Hayes has been enjoying watching himself).