Jan 1, 2009

Off to a Good Start

My New Year has gotten off to a good start.

I let Mommy and Daddy sleep a  little later than usual this morning. Mommy started getting worried when I wasn't up by 7:30, so she came in to check on me. I was just sitting there in my bed, looking around. When I saw her, I gave her a smile to let her know I was happy to see her. 

She got me ready for the day and took me to the kitchen. Daddy came in and I gave him a little happiness to get his morning started.

After we all got ready, we went to the country.  That's where my friend Cash lives.

He was at Mi-Mi Sue-Sue's and Pop-Pop's. We went there and had lunch with them.

He and I got to play together for a little while.

After lunch, I took a nap, Mommy watched a movie with all the ladies and Daddy went to Simpson county with Pop-Pop and Scooter. This is what they did...

That's a mud-bog. Besides mud, there was a lot of camo, big trucks and baseball caps. 

Yeah, I think I'm the one who came out on the winning end today.

Hope you're having as good a start to your year as I am.

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