Jan 28, 2009

ShamWow! Update

One of the sweet ladies who follows our blog left me a comment asking for an update on my "very special" Christmas gift, ShamWow!. She wants to know if it works. Um...  yeah! It is everything that guy says and more.  Seriously, I use one in the kitchen as a hand towel instead of the other towels I previously used. It really does absorb water really well. I joked about getting them, but they were worth the $20 Reagan spent on them. So, next time that commercial comes on, call the number and order some. But you have to do it in the next 20 minutes, cause, folks, they can't do this all day.

Or, just run to Walgreen's right now and get a box. That's where Reagan got mine.
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K Storm said...

All I can say is "Sham WOW"!

Suburban Housewife...Not so much said...

I saw that commercial the other night and thought about you, wonder if it did work or not. :o)

~the mccrarys~ said...

LOL you're so funny! i was too wondering how that worked out! i want one as well! walgreens, here i come!