Jan 23, 2009

She Likes to Move it, Move It

I was cleaning in another room tonight, and when I walked into the living room where Reagan and Sara Madalin were, this is what I saw. Isn't that so sweet? She's watching Taco in the backyard. That's the first time she's crawled over to look out the back door. 

Once I took the first picture, and she saw the flash and heard the camera, she turned to me and grinned. This girl loves the camera. Then she decided she'd come over and see what I was up to.

Here's the video of her crawling. Excuse my videography. I'm FAR from being a pro. But you get the idea. She is crawling like a big girl and she loves the new freedom she has. She went from the living room, to the guest bedroom where I was. As I moved from room to room cleaning, she followed me. She is a girl on the move. If she's this busy now, I can't imagine how she'll be once she starts walking.

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Regina and David said...

She's really growing. I like those pants she has on.

Paige said...

So sweet!

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

She is so precious! Has she been crawling in a dress yet? That used to make my girls sooo mad. :) All that fabric slowing them down!