Jan 9, 2009

Starting Small

With these last few posts, I know that it probably looks like we eat out a lot. Maybe we do. But anyway, this is another post about Sara Madalin while we were eating out tonight. At her last well baby check up, I asked her dr. if she could start having a cracker or two once she cut her teeth. He said I needed to wait until she was about 9 months. Normally, I do EVERYTHING EXACTLY as he tells me to. But tonight, as I was chewing my cracker with my salad and she was looking at me with those big blue eyes, I thought, "What could it hurt?" So, we let her try a little piece of cracker. She loved it. I even included some video along with the picture. I have a feeling that once we start letting her eat table food, she is never going to want baby food again. For now, we're starting small. Big people food will come sooner than I care to think.

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Regina and David said...

She looks like she is really enjoying that cracker! Where were you eating? I can't picture the place.

Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

We were at a place in Clinton. It was our first time to eat there.