Feb 16, 2009

Getting Ready to Kick-Kick-Kick

Here are a few pictures of Sara Madalin tonight before swim lessons. When we get there, which is usually about 15-20 minutes before lessons start. I take her regular diaper and clothes off her and put on a swimmer diaper. Then we put on her special "double diaper" bottoms and her swim suit top. She likes getting ready swim.

If we have time, after she's dressed, I take her over to the window to watch the "big" kids swim and slide down the big slide. She loves to watch other children.

Look at those little legs and ruffled bottom. I love her chubby little legs.

She went under water completely for the first time tonight. She did so good. I still can't get her to "make a big face" which is what we call holding your breath. She is too busy watching everyone and everything else to pay attention to that though. She kids like a fish though. She starts kicking as soon as we get in the water. And she doesn't stop until we get out. 

My little girl is growing so fast. She looks like such a toddler here. 

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Regina and David said...

Her swimsuit is cute. She does look like a toddler- she's standing good!

~the mccrarys~ said...

that swimsuit is just precious on her!
i got your comment lol didnt know i was missed that much! thanks!