Feb 3, 2009

Just a Little Update

I know, I know. My sister has already reprimanded me for not posting much these past couple weeks. I will try to do better. It's just, it is a little more difficult to get those cute little posed pictures anymore when you have a child who is everywhere into everything. She figured out crawling and boy is she moving. She follows me all over the house. And she's done quite a bit of exploring on her own. Now she's trying to pull up. Her favorite thing right now is to go to the coffee table (her favorite toy of ALL) and pull up on her knees and reach as far as she can to pull off whatever is placed there. Needless to say, as of this morning, there were only a few items left on the coffee table and they were pushed all the way to the center, out of her reach. Hopefully, anyway. Before long, she'll learn how to climb ONTO the coffee table and there will be nothing left there.

She is also waving "bye-bye". And she is recognizing that is what she's supposed to do when someone is leaving. She started doing it about a week or two ago. But it was only when we told her to. This morning, I dropped her off at Mrs. Gail's. As soon as I took her out of her car seat and handed her to Mrs. Gail, she started waving at me. IT BROKE MY HEART. My baby girl was ready for me to go and she was giving me the signal that it was time for me to leave. I decided right then and there, I don't like the dropping off at the sitter's, I like the picking up. 

She has learned "no-no" too. I don't think she realizes yet that it means "Don't do that." or "Don't touch that." She just knows that no-no is associated with shaking your head from side to side. And the reason I believe she doesn't associate it with "Stop" or "Don't" is because I say those words about a hundred times a day and it doesn't mean a thing to her. I'll say, "No-no, stop putting your sock in your mouth."  or "No-no. Don't touch the DVR." And instead of not touching it, she proceeds to push every button and turn every knob she can before I can make it to her to move her from it. And by the way, someone needs to explain this "diversion" form of discipline for me. I am obviously doing something wrong. When she's touching something she shouldn't, I tell her no-no, I move her from it, give her a toy or something else to get her attention, and I am not kidding, she immediately goes back to what I moved her from. Again and again and again. Toys don't distract her. Even Taco doesn't distract her. So, diversion isn't working for me, or I'm not working it right. I'll tell you something she does understand though, "If I don't move fast enough after Mommy says 'no-no', she is going to pop my hand. So I've got to act quick." 

Well, that's all for right now. My plan is to take a few photos of her this week for those (like my sister) who haven't seen her in a few days. And, hey, maybe I'll get lucky and get a little video of her waving for you. 

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K Storm said...

Yes, you have reached the stage of minimal decor. One day it can all come back out..