Feb 15, 2009

My First Valentine's Day

I had a pretty active day Saturday. Mommy said it was my first Valentine's Day. It was a lot like any other day to me.

First, I got up with her at 5:00. That's a little outside my usual schedule, but I was hungry and wet - two things I don't like to be.  After my bottle, I went back to sleep with her and Daddy in their bed until he got up to go to the drug store. He had to go into work for a couple hours.

While he was gone, I supervised Mommy as she did a little packing.

When Daddy got home, I got a surprise. A balloon!

The balloon had "Sweet Thing" written on it. It was from my Mamaw and Papaw. I like balloons.

After I got my balloon and played for a little while, I decided to help Mommy with the laundry.

Ok, I didn't really HELP. I just pulled the hamper over and started going through my dirty clothes until  found a pair of my socks. I like my socks. Unfortunately, Daddy got to me before I could get them in my mouth.

I decided I wanted a snack, so Mommy gave me a cookie. I liked it a lot. You may not be able to tell it, but it was kind of messy.

After my cookie, I was pretty hyped up so Daddy and I played some.

My Daddy is a lot of fun. Only, he doesn't have much hair to hang on to when I'm on his shoulders.

I hope you had as much fun on your Valentine's Day as I did.

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