Feb 3, 2009


Here's Sugar-Sugar. See. Not much has changed since Sunday when I last posted pictures of her.

She had fun playing this afternoon after I picked her up from Mrs. Gail's. Obviously, she didn't remember the "incident" this morning. You know, with her waving bye-bye. Maybe I'm the only one holding on to that.

Anyway... she was very cooperative with the posing and smiling...

... for about 30 seconds. Then her attention was drawn to something else.

I also got a little video for your viewing pleasure. It's as if she was helping me prove a point. You will hear me say no-no on the video. You will see that she doesn't listen. Then, she waves. Like that's going to make me go away so she can do whatever she wants. 

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Paige said...

Precious! Thanks for sharing.

Regina and David said...

I love that bib. It's cute. It looks like on the video after you say no and she waves, that she is spanking her own hand. ha That's funny.

Carpenter Family said...

I was also going to say that I think she was popping her hand. Larsen spanks herself too. Katlie and Sawyer did not do that. It mas be new thing for this generation. They are letting us know tha tthey just aren't afaid of the spanking or of us!