Feb 11, 2009

Pretty in Blue

Reagan just emailed me these photos from his phone that he took Sunday morning. Sara Madalin wore her pretty blue Strasburg dress that Aunt Susan gave her right after she was born. It's a 6 month dress. This is probably the only day she'll ever get to wear it. She is growing so fast that she's not been able to wear some of her outfits. She out grows them before she gets a chance. She's wearing mostly 9 month outfits now. 

Isn't she just so pretty? She has got the sweetest little face and hands. I love to nibble on her fingers and cheeks. 

Look at that grin. I could just eat her up. And she is such a girly-girl. Look at her grasping my necklace. She LOVES jewelry. I know most babies do. But she seriously loves jewelry - mine and anyone else's she can get her hands on. 

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Paige said...

What a pretty girl!

K Storm said...

She is SO CUTE!! I could just pinch those little cheeks! Blue is a nice color for her.