Feb 7, 2009

So Much to Explore

Sara Madalin and I had a little work to do at home on Friday. I moved some of the living room furniture around. She realized I had moved the couch out from the wall, and she decided she'd explore back there. I sat at one end of the couch and took pictures as she crawled to me.

She had a frown on her face because she was upset that I didn't come get her. She was very clingy all day.

She is also fascinated with the electronics in the living room. We have to move her from that more than anything else in the house. Friday she got under there before I noticed and she was so proud of herself. At least I'd dusted under there.

She's about to have a lot more room to explore.  We are in the process of packing and moving. Hopefully, I'll have more pictures and details on that to come in the next few weeks.

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