Feb 4, 2009

Standing Tall

Miss Sara Madalin decided she wanted to STAND and play at the table in the living room this afternoon. She didn't pull herself up to a standing position, although I'm sure that will be here all too soon. I tried to sit her down and she wouldn't sit. So, I let her stand there. She had the best time.

I took a couple pics but my favorite part of the post are the videos.

She looks like such a BIG girl.

So, about the videos. First, she found the WOODEN coaster and then began to beat it into submission. That's since been moved to another location.

I love this video. At the end, you can hear Taco barking, and then Sara Madalin answering her. She absolutely LOVES Taco. Taco is warming up to her too. But she is not nearly as excited as Sara Madalin when they are around each other.

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Carpenter Family said...

I love, love, love the second video! The dog and her! That is entirely too cute. Your laughter also adds a little something.

Rita Lambert said...

I agree with Robin ~ the second video ROCKS!! She reminds me of my grandson when he's "talking" with my puppies.