Feb 6, 2009

Update on Mr. B

Thank you so much for those who've been praying for my father-in-law these past couple days. I wanted to give you a brief update. He went into surgery early yesterday morning. He had an aneurism. Now, I would explain all the technical stuff, but I don't understand it. So, rather than post something that would probably be half accurate, all I'll say is that he had surgery, they removed what they needed to, and he is recovering well. Praise God! Reagan and his sister were there, along with their mother, from about 5:45 yesterday morning until 6:00 or so last night. Sara Madalin and I went up around 5:00 and he was sitting up and talking and in very good spirits. Sara Madalin couldn't quite figure out why her Papaw was lying in the bed and not holding her. She'd laugh and play with us, then constantly look over at him. She grinned and waved at him a few times. We could tell she wanted to get over to him, but there was no way he could have such a curious little wiggly girl crawling all over him after what he'd been through. He should probably be able to go home today. If he is well enough to be released, Susuan is going home with them today and we will visit them tomorrow if they need us. 

Thank you again and again for praying for us and our family. It was so encouraging to receive emails, text messages, and calls from several of my dear sisters yesterday and this morning. God bless you all.

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