Feb 26, 2009

We Made Aunt Amy Sick

We have ALL been so sick this week. Sara Madalin caught a stomach virus and has passed it around to everybody she's come in contact with in the past 5 days.

Sunday afternoon Mrs. Gail called and said that she was sick and wouldn't be open on Monday. I said that was fine, no problem. About 10 minutes later, Sara Madalin started throwing up. And let me just say, I was always so grossed out by that before I had a child. But as she was throwing up down the front of my shirt, all I could think was, "My poor baby." (I know you wanted to read that.)

After she stopped throwing up, I bathed us both and we got dressed to go to church. I guess I didn't think her throwing up had any correlation to Mrs. Gail's sickness. Well, on the way to church, she got sick again. Luckily, I had carried extra clothes. I pulled over, cleaned her up and changed her. Then she and I came home. She was pretty sick that night and seemed to be better on Monday. 

Monday evening we went to pick up Reagan from work and he had to stop by Amy's office before we left. He had to work on her computers. So, Sara Madalin played with Amy some. This is the only picture we've taken of her ALL week (until this morning). Aunt Amy would later regret loving all over a sick baby.

Monday night I got sick. Very sick. From Monday night until this afternoon, all I've eaten is two crackers. (I know you feel sorry for me. Like I couldn't stand to miss a few meals.) Tuesday night Reagan got it. Wednesday we thought we were feeling better, then it's almost like a second round came Wednesday night. Reagan actually slept in this morning, which he NEVER does. I took him to work around 10:00 this morning. And on the way there, he called Amy. She's going to sell our house for us and we had planned to have her come by this evening to look at a few things. Guess what, she's sick too.

So, as far as we are concerned, the week can only get better from here.

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K Storm said...

I hope you all get to feeling better...lots of yucky bugs out there right now.

Avery's Mommy said...

omg that must be a terrible virus! praying for y'all :)