Feb 20, 2009

What I Did Today - By Sara Madalin's Mommy

After I took Sara Madalin over to Mrs. Gail's I came home and did a little packing. These are just SOME of the boxes I've been stacking to carry over to the new house this weekend.

I've been taking everything off the walls. Somebody's going to have a lot of holes to fill in. And by somebody, I mean Reagan.

This is the guest bathroom. It's blue in case you're having trouble seeing that on your computer screen. When Reagan built this house in the early '90's the popular colors were navy, burgundy and hunter green. Every room in our house had paint or wallpaper in one of, or a combination of, those colors. I've worked hard to change that since we married. My next move is to rid us of the furniture that are those colors as well.

This bathroom has been painted - by me - three times in the past 7 years. It's been yellow - like, bumble bee yellow - Sage green, and now cobalt blue. I once told someone, I like a little color - in my life and on my walls.

Our guest bedroom. It's yellow. I painted it pink at one time. That was when we thought we were about to adopt a little girl a few years ago. When that didn't work out, I painted it yellow.

My Christmas china. It's been stored under the guest bed for the past several years. In the new house I FINALLY have a real place to store it.

Sweet Sugar's room. I've packed up quite a bit of stuff in here. I still have to pack her clothes in the closet and a few miscellaneous things. These walls have only been painted once. Lavender for my sweet girl. This is my favorite room.

Dining room. We painted it last year right before Sara Madalin was born. We were actually about half finished when we got the call to come to north MS. Reagan had to finish it once we got back home. I liked the green, but I've since grown tired.

A few empty cabinets. 

I've still got quite a bit of packing to do. But I made a good bit of progress today. And the only time I've been a little sad was when I packed up all our board games. We have hosted so many dinners and game nights here. As I was packing those games I remembered all those fun times.  It's been a while since we've hosted a game night. When we move, I hope to begin having a game night with friends again.
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Heather said...

Wow, you've been busy!! All of this on top of caring for a little one, very impressive!! :) I have to say that your little girl's room was my favorite too, very pretty!

Jana said...

Aw I am so sad, that has been like my home away from home! I would go there for laughs, cry's and good eating.....well I would go there to wait for Reagan to get home so we could GO OUT and get some good eating!!!