Feb 21, 2009

Where's the Fire?

We went to another birthday party today. This time it was for Sara Madlain's friend, Cash. It was a fire truck themed party.

When we got there, Sara Madalin saw Mrs. Anne. Mrs. Anne is a sweet lady who loves the babies at our church. She's always so willing to work in the nursery or keep children in her home. All the babies love her too. Sara Madalin smiles so big when she sees Mrs. Anne. Mrs. Anne took her over to ride on the rocking horse. I love it when she smiles like this.

All the bigger kids went outside to ride the real pony. Sara Madalin couldn't ride, but she went to watch. She had to take her baby doll. She loves that doll. We've named her Susie. That's after Mi-Mi Sue-Sue. At Mi-Mi Sue-Sue's house, there are about 3 or 4 dolls named Sara Madalin. I think every time Skyler gets a new doll, she names it Sara Madalin.

Here are the bigger kids waiting their turn to ride the pony.

Skyler, Sara Madalin's friend. She said to me, "Take a picture." 

Look at that cute pony. The kids loved riding it.

Before we could ride the fire truck at the party, we all had to be "commissioned." Here are all the kids getting their hat and badge.

Here is Mi-Mi Sue-Sue "commissioning" them.

Sara Madalin with her hat.

The REAL fire truck that Pop-Pop bought at auction. The kids were so excited to get to ride it.

Pop-pop was the fire chief.

Skyler with her hat. She was probably more excited than her brother, Cash about riding.

Rather than wear the hat, Sara Madalin preferred to chew on it.

Me and my Sugar-Sugar. She does so good with all these events and new experiences. We love seeing her experience new things.

After the fire truck ride, when we got back to the house, we saw a lot of new people who had arrived. This is Sarah Claire. She reads Sara Madalin's blog faithfully. Her mom works with Reagan. We love Sarah Claire. 

Here's the birthday boy. He had A LOT of help opening his gifts.

After the ride and the gifts, the other children had pizza, cake and ice cream. Sara Madalin had a jar of Hawaiian Delight. 

And here we are arriving at home after all the partying. She was worn out. But not so much that she didn't take the left sock and shoe off before she fell asleep. For some reason, EVERY time she gets in the car seat, she takes off her left shoe and then her left sock. When we arrived at the party, I had to put them back on her. When we left the party, she probably wasn't 2 miles down the road before she took them off again. But, if it makes her happy, we're all for it.

Here's a video of Skyler on the fire truck ride. She is so funny.

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The Glenn Gang said...

Jonah did the same thing for about a year. But, his was always the right foot.

Heather said...

Awww, what a sweetie she is, loved the pictures. Very funny about her having to pull off (only) the left shoe and sock, too cute that last picture of her sleeping in the car seat (with no shoe or sock, lol).