Mar 26, 2009

Bang-Bang Shrimp!

Tuesday night we went to dinner with Scooter and B.B. When we got to the restaurant, guess who was there to meet us. 

Amy and Craig! Yay!!!

The last time we saw Aunt Amy, we made her pretty sick. I guess she didn't remember that because she loved all over our Sugar. And look at what Sara Madalin is chewing on. We don't let her near our phones, but B.B. let her play with her phone all night.

Yeah, she's got B.B. and Aunt Amy right where she wants them.

And where were we? Oh, yeah, we went to Bonefish, one of my favorite places to eat. I love the coconut shrimp there. But my FAVORITE is the Bang-Bang shrimp. I ate Bang-Bang shrimp as my appetizer. Then I ate Bang-Bang tacos as my meal. If there had been a dessert with Bang-Bang shrimp in it, I probably would have eaten that as well. 

Of course, there were pictures to document the evening. Here's Craig, Amy, Scooter and B.B., along with our Sugar.

And this was supposed to be a picture of our family. However, whoever took the picture kind of took it at an angle so that Sara Madalin's face is covered by her car seat handle.

So, we took a picture of her all by herself. Cause we just don't have nearly enough pictures of her. She's so cute!

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The Glenn Gang said...

Is she getting so heavy that it takes 4 people to hold her in her carseat???

Have you started searching for another carseat yet? That was a HARD decision for me!! We did WAY too much research!!!

~the mccrarys~ said...

that bib is PRECIOUS!

~the mccrarys~ said...

that bib is PRECIOUS!

K Storm said...

Love Bang Bang Shrimp!!

I also love her bib!!