Mar 30, 2009

Breathing Treats

Look at this poor little face.

Sugar's sick. She's not been feeling well these past couple days.  She started running fever Sunday afternoon. She's also been coughing a good bit for about a week. Anyway, we decided I needed to take her to see Dr. R. this morning. He listened to her chest and said she has a lot of congestion. Since she's had a rattling sound since she was born, we really didn't know that had anything to do with what's wrong with her in that sense. He's told us in the past it was just mucus that is in the back of her throat. He said she would probably grow out of it. But, evidently the rattling does have something to do with her feeling bad this time. 

He checked her oxygen level, to be sure she was breathing well. Those levels were fine. Here white blood count is fine. She was tested for RSV and thank goodness that test was negative. But he thinks she might have viral pneumonia. We were sent home, well, we were sent to Daddy, with a prescription for an antibiotic, a cough medicine and a nebulizer. Yeah, that's fun. We gave her the first treatment at the store in Daddy's office.

We tried the chicken mask. She didn't like that AT ALL.

So, then we tried the pacifier. She did much better with it. Look at that little face. She does not feel well at all.

This afternoon after a couple treatments, she seems to be better. She still has a low fever and her nose is runny and there's still the rattling, but I think she's feeling better.

I've been reading about and praying for another sick baby lately. While I'm concerned for Sara Madalin and her health, I'm thankful through this that God does have His hand on her and He has protected her from so much. Please remember her in prayer. And I'm sure Stellan's family would be grateful for your prayers for them as well.

P.S. I entitled this post "Breathing Treats" because when my nephew, Elijah, was little, he had to take breathing treatments with a nebulizer too. Instead of calling them breathing treatments, he'd call them breathing treats. He'd say, "I don't want a breathing treat Aunt Minda." Now Sara Madalin is carrying on the tradition of taking "breathing treats" just like her cousins.

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Regina and David said...

Aww.. Sorry to know that she is sick. Hope she's better soon!

Rebecca Powers said...

I hope she feels better soon!

I've been meaning to send you the link to Stellan's blog. I'm glad to see you already found it. I read the blog daily. I pray they find a way to help him SOON!

Jana said...

Aw my little girl looks so sad! Her Jana is going to have to come see her! Give her some sugar for me!
Love yall!

Heather said...

Your poor baby girl, she does look very sick...I hope she's feeling better soon. It's so hard as parents to see them sick and not be able to do anything about it. It's even worse when they look at you with confusion in their eyes as if to ask "what's wrong with me?" I've been praying for Stellan too, it's heartbreaking to read what he's been going through.