Mar 1, 2009

Busy Hands and Busy Feet

This morning I was getting ready for church and Sara Madalin decided she'd take the opportunity to do a little exploring while I was distracted. Under my vanity in the bathroom, I keep some plastic drawers full of nail polish and other supplies. I also keep a basket with the supplies I use at night to take my make-up off. A busy little girl found all that this morning.

After the first picture, Reagan called her name to get her attention. I think, by the look on her face, she thought she was about to get in trouble.

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Heather said...

adorable! :)

Carpenter Family said...

Larsen is the worst about getting into everything. Last night she got into a bag of make up that Kaylie has and spread it all over Kaylie's carpet. We scrubbed that carpet for quiet a while. Tonight she got into the refridgerator and got the butter and spread it all over her hands and feet and my kitchen floor. If she is quiet there is trouble.