Mar 10, 2009

Closing Time

Well, it's official, we own a new home. We had our closing this afternoon. Here we are signing what seemed like a million pieces of legal paperwork.

Mr. Buddy, Mrs. Brenda, Shannon (our attorney), Reagan and me

Our witnesses, Anna and Sara Madalin (I think these two girls love the camera. What do you think?)

Sara Madalin couldn't be left out. She had to sign her name too.

And here we are with our stack of paperwork. Notice the "help" we have holding the envelope.

We are still waiting on the painter to finish up a few last minute touch ups and we should begin moving Friday afternoon. If anyone is interested in helping, just let us know. I can certainly put you to work.

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Lynn said...

Congratulations. I know that you are excited.

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

SOOO exciting!!! I can't lift a box for you from the great state of Texas, but I can sure lift some prayers! Hope the move goes smoothly!

K Storm said...

Yea!!! So happy for you!!!

Heather said...