Mar 26, 2009

First Birthday Party Theme

Ok, folks, I need some help. I have tried to decide what the theme for Sara Madalin's first birthday party should be. I'm overwhelmed. We have some tough acts to follow. Remember Cash and Charlie's parties? How am I going to top those? I have only come up with a few choices that I think I can do without being too overwhelmed. But I know there are some mommies out there who read our blog who have been down this road. Send me some ideas and suggestions. If you have any links for party supplies, invitations, decorations, and all that jazz, please send those to me. I've got to get invitations ordered pretty soon. So send me what you can soon. Oh, and vote in the sidebar for one of the choices listed. Or, post a suggestion in the comments. 

Help me.


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Rebecca Powers said...

I think Candy Land would be cute.

I just have two suggestions. The Cake Diva makes AWESOME cakes (! She's who I get our cakes from.

Also, if you go with the Candy Land theme, these suckers would be a cute addition to your party favors:

Good luck! Birthday party planning always stresses me out. I'm already ordering stuff for Izzy's third birthday and it's not until September!

Paige said...

I like the Cat in the Hat theme. You can do so many things based upon the books!

Good luck planning. I know that whatever you choose to do will be special for Sara Madalin. And remember not to try and outdo what others do. You want to enjoy this day as well, not be so stressed out that you can't. = )