Mar 6, 2009

Flashback Friday #7

Couple things to cover this week in my flashback. First, flashback to Fall 1993. 

Would you LOOK at all that hair Reagan has. And I think I could use a LITTLE more blush. This is our first photo taken together after we started dating. We were at CA's Homecoming game in the Fall of 1993. I think we'd been dating a couple months then. The reason I'm including it is not because it, in and of itself, is related to this week in our history. But it does mark the beginning of something that has a great deal to do with this week. Thirteen years ago this week, Reagan asked me to marry him. And this picture marks our beginning together as a couple.

March 1, 1996 Reagan took me to dinner at Shapley's restaurant. Later that night, we went back to his house and he proposed. I was NOT expecting it. It was so sweet and so special. Some people make a big production of their engagement, and that's often very romantic and memorable. But Reagan and I were engaged in the privacy of what would later become our home together. It will forever be something that only we shared. 

Which makes the story that goes with this next photo a little sadder.

This is our house. The one we've lived in together for over 12 years. This photo was taken the year we were married.

Reagan built this house after he finished pharmacy school. He was so proud of the house. He proposed to me here. We spent our first night as husband and wife here. We were sitting on the bed in this house the morning we found out we couldn't have children. And this is where we brought our sweet baby girl home from the hospital. We've also spent some sleepless, tearful nights in this house. Our life as we know it was built here. 

This weekend is our last in this house. Next week, if I have time and internet access, I'll be posting Flashback Friday from our new house. While we're excited about this new home, we are still a little sad about leaving our humble little home that we've lived in for so long. But we know we're going make so many more memories in our new home. 

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The Glenn Gang said...

That made me cry!

Lynn said...

It made me cry too!

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

Sweet post. Tears in my eyes. Moving forward is beautiful, but bittersweet at times.