Mar 14, 2009

My Night with Granny and Gramps

I spent the night with my Granny and Gramps last night. I got hungry not long after I got there. Granny got down on my level to feed me. I liked that.

I got to sit in a big girl chair. Mommy says I look so cute that she'll HAVE to get me one soon.

After my dinner, Gramps and I played. He played the same game that Daddy and I play where I lay back and Daddy pulls me up. I like that game.

It didn't take long for both of us to get tired. Granny put on my PJs and Gramps and I went on to sleep.

When I got up this morning, I was pretty thirsty. Normally, my Mommy gives me a bottle with formula. I guess she forgot to tell Granny that. Granny gave me a bottle of water. 

I played for a while, then Granny rocked me a little and I took a quick nap.

I was pretty happy when I woke up. I was even happier when she told me I was going home to see my Mommy. I have fun with Granny and Gramps, but I really missed my Mommy. She missed me too.

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The Glenn Gang said...

How awesome that you have a place for SM to stay where she is loved and cared for. Yay for Granny and Gramps!

~the mccrarys~ said...

she's getting so big! i love that pic of her in the chair!