Mar 8, 2009

New Beginnings

Our pastor, who has been at out church for 18 years, said good-bye to our congregation today. We love Bro. Clark and his family. He has been so much more than a pastor to us. He was Reagan's youth minister (at another church). He performed our wedding ceremony. He went with us on several mission trips. We are going to miss him so much. But we are so happy for him and his family. We know that God has great things in store for them. We know that God is going to bless them and their faithfulness. Bro. Clark preaches the Word of God without apology. And he has such a heart for evangelism. We can't say enough about what a great pastor he has been. We have felt so privileged to sit under his leadership for so long.

Now, as far as Sara Madalin is concerned, all she cares about is Mrs. Pam. She hardly even notices anyone else when Mrs. Pam is around. And Mrs. Pam loves her. When they finally gave their resignation date, Mrs. Pam said to me, through tears, "Do you know what makes me so sad about leaving? I'm going to miss Sara Madalin's dedication on Mother's Day." I reminded her that Sara Madalin was dedicated last June, in her own special ceremony. Pam was ok then. I HAD to take Sara Madalin's picture with her. I told Pam that we'd send her pictures of Sara Madalin and that we might have to come visit her occasionally. 

Yes, my child is such a ham for the camera.

Here's me and Pam. No, I don't normally wear a hat to church. We are having a brunch in a few weeks and I'm wearing hats each week as I make announcements regarding the brunch. It's kind of a fun way of getting the ladies excited about the event. Plus, I LOVE wearing hats. I've had fun picking them out and wearing them each week.

Bro. Clark preaching his last sermon as our pastor.

These last few pictures are during the fellowship tonight. Sara Madalin wouldn't even come to me while Pam was around.

Our family with Bro. Clark, Pam, and their sons, Caleb and Matthew. Matthew was only about a year old when they came to our church and Pam was expecting Caleb at the time. Matthew is 19 and Caleb is a senior in high school now.

Now that I've shared about our pastor leaving, I need address something much more serious. I know that several people from our church read our blog, so I'm asking for your help. It was brought to my attention that SOMEONE gave my BABY a cookie in the nursery tonight. I know! Shocking! Who would do such a thing? The only information I have to go on in solving this mystery is that sometime between Discipleship Training and church, someone gave her a cookie. By the time the church nursery worker arrived at 6:00, the deed had been done and Sara Madalin had cookie ALL over her. I was told she really enjoyed it. Yeah, well, probably because she's NEVER had sugar before in her entire life. I'd probably enjoy it too if I was her. All the people that I've questioned about this incident have said, "I didn't do it and I promised I wouldn't tell who did." So, if you have any information that can help me solve this mystery of who gave my child her first cookie, it would be greatly appreciated. I mean, at least tell me when you do these things so that I can take a picture. 
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