Mar 1, 2009

Old Friends

Last Tuesday afternoon, when I was home sick, Reagan called and said that our old friends, Matt and Tracy, were in town from Memphis through the weekend. He said they wanted to meet us for dinner. I told him that I really hated to say no, but I just didn't think I was up to it, and I didn't want to expose them and the kids to what we had.

They called back and said they'd like to meet us this afternoon if that was ok with us. So that's what we did.

They have two of the cutest children. I remember how much I loved them when they lived near us and we went to church together. I went back through my photos and found a couple pictures of the kids before they moved to Memphis. This is me and their daughter, Caroline, at VBS in 2003 or 2004.

And this is me and Caroline today. She has grown so much. I think she is as beautiful as ever. And she is so sweet. I call her Sweet Caroline. She's 6 years old now.

And this is Owen, their son. This was taken when he was about a year old.

And you can see Owen in the picture below that I took today. He is now 4 years-old.

It was so good to see this family. We're happy that God is moving them closer to us again. They are planning a move back to southern Mississippi in the next few months. Hopefully, we'll get to see them more often.

Oh, and they were very thoughtful and brought our Sara Madalin a sweet gift of two books. One was a book of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. I've been wanting one of those. I had one as a little girl and now Sara Madalin has one as well. And she loved Caroline and Owen. I'm glad they got to meet.

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