Mar 14, 2009

Our Little Helper

Thursday night we took a few things out to the house and I started unpacking some of my china and putting it away. As I did, I placed the empty boxes and the paper I'd used to wrap the china, in the hall. Well, Sara Madalin was ALL over the place. She had the best time. It didn't take her long to find my discarded boxes. And did she have a big time with those!

She enjoyed herself and had the best time crawling all over the place. We didn't stop her. We just let her go where ever she wanted. What could she hurt? There was nothing in the entire house except for a few boxes we'd brought with us. So, we let her go where ever she wanted. And she went everywhere. She had a great time in our bedroom closet. There are shelves in there and she climbed everyone she could get to. There's also a full-length wardrobe mirror, so now she can see The Baby anytime she wants. It's so much fun watching her explore. I'm sure I'll have more pictures of her doing just that in the coming days.

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