Mar 12, 2009

Personality with a Capital "P"

Tuesday evening, after our loan closing at Shannon's office, we met Reagan's sister, Susan, and her family for dinner. Miss Sara Madalin was ALL personality. 

She has a little chick that someone at the drug store gave her one day. She loves that little chick. Every time I show her the chick she gets the biggest grin on her face - like it's gold or something. (Or in my language, shoes or a handbag.) Anyway, here she is with her chick while we waited for our dinner. Look how happy she is.

This is her watching us eat. I have a feeling if I'd tried to give her anything off our plates, she would have eaten it. I think she's getting her two upper front teeth in. Once they are in, I KNOW she's going to definitely love all those cookies that the church nursery workers sneak her. And look at how much hair she has now. It's growing so much. And she still WILL NOT let me put bow or barrette in it.

After dinner, we went to JCPenney's to look for curtains and curtain rods for the new house. She was so good. She loved riding in the shopping cart. Normally, in a cart, she faces the person pushing her. In this cart she faced out. She loved being able to see everything. And while we were looking at curtains and rods, she had to see too. She's so inquisitive. Or nosey, whichever term you want to use. But she was happy and good. She smiled at the salesperson and she never fussed while we were in there. At least, not as long as she could see everything she wanted to see. And she's a little like her Mama. When I'd hold her, she would reach out and touch everything I touched - the rods, curtains, tie backs. I don't know if I could have birthed a child more like me. Bless her. (Notice: NO shoes. NO socks. Do you want to guess why??? That she DID NOT get from me.)

I thought this was so funny. On the way out to the car, she must have thought she was "helping." She likes to "help." If we're holding a piece of paper, a towel, her bottle, whatever it is, she likes to reach out and hold on too. She thinks she's helping when she does that. If we hand her something to hold, she thinks she is really doing something big. Well, here she was holding on to her diaper bag handle like she was carrying it or something. I had to take a picture of it. Oh, how I love this little girl.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Before you I read that your statement about on all her hair, I was already thinking I was going to mention that in a comment here. I really noticed it is getting thicker...oh so blonde!

Just a suggestion for shoes: I had this problem with Natalie. I never will forget the time in her car seat when we were on our way to see her daddy's ballgame that she whined, fussed...whatever until she got those little soft sole reebok sandals off. At the same game, I was introduced to robeez. Have you tried those? They are soft and so cute. Natalie kept them on. (I think...if not google it!)

No Suggestion on hairbows, except keep trying. Natalie and my daughter (now 16) always wore hair bow. Though Natalie did go through a phase of not wearing hats. Okay...I do have a wear a bow...not all the time, but from time to time. That's how I got my daughter to wear hats. They gotta think it's cool!

Lynn said...

That sweet, sweet baby. I could just eat her ya.