Apr 2, 2009

Baby First TV

A few weeks ago, during a visit from our friends Matt and Tracy, she told me to check into a channel on satellite called Baby First TV. She said the programming was geared to infants and toddlers. Reagan subscribed to it last night and he and Sara Madalin sat down to check it out.

She actually kind of liked it. I've heard lots of people rave about the Baby Einstein and Praise Baby videos and how their children LOVE watching them. Sara Madalin has yet to show much interest in TV. Until last night. She actually sat still for about 5 minutes to watch a bunny hop across the screen.

Then she had another breathing treat and called it a night.

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Avery's Mommy said...

avery loves her baby einstein - we should subscribe to baby first tv too!

does sara have rsv? avery does and i think we are on our last night of breathing treatments, but i thought the paci contraption she has is so neat. avery just has a mask and it is quite a challenge to get her to keep it on these days!

K Storm said...

My daughter didn't really show any interest in TV until she was almost 2. Sometimes I wanted just a few minutes for her to sit and watch something, but she just wouldn't. We took it to be a sign of intelligence!

My son, on the other hand, has always had an interest in TV. He used to like those Praise Baby videos. I did too...I would sing along and sometimes cry because they were so sweet.

Sugar's Mommy said...

No, she doesn't have RSV. She was tested and the results were negative, Praise God. We had a friend whose child had it a couple winters ago and he was put in the hospital for a while. He had to stay under the tent and visitation was limited and everything.

We went for a follow up with the dr. yesterday and he said the treatments are helping and we're supposed to continue them until Monday. After that, we have another visit one day next week to see if she's clear or what he'll advise that we do next.

Thanks for asking. I hope your sweet Avery gets well. It's so heartbreaking to watch them as they are sick.