Apr 9, 2009

Backyard Beauty

A few people who know me, will find this difficult to believe, but I finally let Sara Madalin crawl around in the backyard. One afternoon last week, when the weather was so warm and pretty, she and I spent some time playing ON THE GROUND in the backyard. She really enjoyed it.

She especially enjoyed picking up the grass and pine straw and putting that in her mouth. Now, I could have freaked out about that. But I didn't. I mean, come on, how much worse could it possibly be when you think about the fact that she and Taco now share their toys? I figured, a little grass and dirt could only make her stronger. 

She had such a good time. I'm hoping that we have many more days in the coming months to play outside. 

One other note (for my aunts and my sister), the lake may look close to us in the background of these photos but it's really not that close. We were so far away from it she doesn't even know it's there. And we have not taken her to the edge of the water yet. I know you all were going to email me about that.

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Heather said...

As always, beautiful! She looks like a nature baby in the making.

~the mccrarys~ said...

nah grass & dirt wont hurt at all! hehe