Apr 7, 2009

Bath Obsession

Our little girl has become obsessed with our bathtub and with taking a bath in it. Since we moved into this house, she has discovered our bathtub. There is a step that she can climb up on and reach the faucet. Every time she is in the bathroom, she rushes to it as quickly as she possibly can. She's learned to turn the water on too. I've started bathing her in there and she LOVES it. She thinks it is her own personal pool. 

Well, Monday morning, she and I were both still asleep in our bed when Reagan got up to take his bath. As SOON as he started the water, she sat straight up, fully awake and looked toward the bathroom. She is obsessed. She would not lie back down and she would not calm down. So, I took her in there. Then I went and got the camera.

She wanted to get in there so bad. She kept hiking her leg up like she was trying to climb in there. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her or before long she'll run herself a bathtub full of water and get over in there before I know it

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Jaime said...

I was just looking through some old posts on my blog and saw where you had visited in December! I stumbled upon your blog months ago and absolutely love reading about your sweet family and the wonderful things that God has done for you. Your Sugar is the cutest thing and reading about her always makes me smile. We are expecting a little boy, Noah, any day now, and we absolutely cannot wait! Thanks again for the comment!

K Storm said...

Yes, you are going to have to watch her!! She's too smart and will have it all figured out soon!

Wish my kids still got excited about bathtime!

Paige said...

Look how cute in her big girl jammies!!

You may have a swimmer on your hands.

~the mccrarys~ said...

she really does look like you & your husband!