Apr 5, 2009

Big Girl Pajamas

After the trip to the zoo Saturday, we went by Babies R Us (for a "pen" which you'll see LOTS of in coming photos and for something else I'll talk about later in this post) and then home. When we got home, we put Sara Madalin in her new "play yard" (wink, wink). I also remembered that I had a fruit mesh thingy (I don't have a clue what it's really called). You put real fruit in it and babies can chew on it and get the juices and feel the texture of the fruit, without getting choked on it. I thought I'd let her try it. Note to self: IT MAKES A STICKY MESS!

But she loved it. She first spent a few minutes checking it out really good.

Then, like everything else she gets her hands on, she put it in her mouth. (You might notice a little color on her nose and cheeks. That's from the zoo trip.)

Then she played some more.

Chewed some more.

Then, evidently, she decided "I LOVE THIS!" 

She continued to chew and play until she and the floor and everything else within a 3-foot radius of her was sticky from bananas.  Then I took it from her and tried to clean her up.

I mentioned earlier that we went to Babies R Us for a "play yard pen". That's because she is into EVERYTHING. We don't want to stifle her free spirit by putting her in a pen all the time. But, let's be honest, even though she is PERFECT and I love being her mommy, there are moments when I need to do things - like, oh, I don't know, go to the bathroom. During those times, she is going to have to be confined for just a few minutes. She actually liked playing in there. And it keeps her toys away from Taco, who has been stealing her toys lately and trying to hide them. I'll tell you about that in another post though. So, while our plan is not to lock her up every day from morning to night, we do need something to confine her for short periods of time. You'll be seeing more of that I'm sure. 

Not only did we buy the pen, we also bought something I've been putting off buying for quite some time. She's growing so fast. Too fast.

Let me backtrack just a bit. At about age 3 months I had a little talk with her. I told her she needed to stay Mommy's baby for a very long time, cause she might be the only baby I ever have. Well, I'm sure she would have obeyed if she could have (cause, again, she's PERFECT), but staying a baby is just not how life works. So, she has grown and grown and grown. Little by little, she's not a baby anymore. She's getting to be such a big girl. She's outgrown pretty much every pair of pajamas she has. I've looked at getting her new PJs for about a month. But I couldn't find any footless, one pieces past 6-9 months. Everything in her size (12 months, yes, 12 MONTHS!) is two piece. And for some reason, it's just been too much emotionally for me to buy big girl PJs that are two piece. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So, I've put off buying new PJs until Saturday. We had just gotten to the point that she can't wear her 9 month PJs. She's actually slept in a onesie a few times in the past couple weeks because her PJs are too small. But I broke down Saturday and bought a couple pair of big girl PJs. I wanted to cry. I like that she's growing and learning and maturing, but I am already having difficulty with this "growing up" stuff. And just think, if buying a pair of PJs messes me up emotionally, what kind of shape am I going to be in on her first day of kindergarten?

Anyway, here she is in her cute "big girl" PJs tonight. 

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~the mccrarys~ said...

we LOVE that gated pen! we bought it for rylie with the extensions & also used it around our xmas tree this year!
also-CUTE CUTE pj's for big girl SM!

Paige said...

I love the "big girl" jammies! She looks so cute. Your new profile picture is great as well.

Hope you have a great week!

Avery's Mommy said...

well at least they're cute jammies!

one plus about big girl pj's: nightgowns - so precious!