Apr 11, 2009

Easter Tradition

Almost every year, as long as Reagan and I have been married, we go to B.B. and Scooter's house either the Friday or Saturday night before Easter and help them dye eggs. Their extended family gets together on Easter and has a HUGE egg hunt. We spend time with our family and have never gone to the hunt. But we help dye the eggs. I am so excited that Sara Madalin got to be a part of the dying this year. 

Just like most everything we do with this family, it takes awhile to get to the actual task for which we've gathered. Tonight was no exception. We got to their house a little before Scooter got off work. Everyone was in the back yard. We sat out there for awhile. Sara Madalin enjoyed playing with Belle while we were out there.

I love this picture of Amy and Sara Madalin. It was getting a little chilly so they wrapped up in a blanket. 

I took Sara Madalin inside because it was getting cooler. I carried her over to the windows in the kitchen so she could see everyone outside. She had the best time playing with Amy. Sorry, B.B., I think you'll have to clean your windows after these two playmates.

Anna came in to sit with Sara Madalin so I could go outside and get some shots of her (Sara Madalin's) face. All three of them were so funny.

She looks like she's sticking her tongue out at me. 

After all that playing, B.B. thought Sara Madalin needed a cookie.

Once she destroyed the cookie, it was time for real food - Hawaiian Delight. We sat her in Hayes' car seat to feed her. She actually kind of liked sitting there. 

Finally, we were ready to dye eggs. We kept it pretty low-key. There was only 180 eggs to dye. Oh wait, 179...

We had a happy, very talkative helper... until about 8:30.

These folks are serious about the egg dying festivities.

Anna and Craig preparing the dye.

Reagan was concentrating on his work of art. 

Amy takes her egg dying seriously. She's writing a message on the egg with a wax crayon before placing it in the dye. Then, when the dye touches the egg, the area she wrote on doesn't hold the dye. You'll see what I'm talking about in some of the later pictures.

Anna has her own special decorating station when we dye eggs. She gets fancy with glitter, stickers, and all kinds of creative things.

Guess who did this egg. That's right. My baby's mama.

Craig did the egg on the right. I "sponge painted" the egg on the left.

So as not to mess up her nails, Amy decided she'd wear gloves. She's such a nut.

A "special" striped egg by a "special" girl.

Remember the egg Amy was writing on in an earlier picture? It's the "Best Egg" or "Egg Best."

After a while, Amy came and sat next to Reagan. She was holding Sara Madalin. Sara Madalin kept leaning over to touch her Daddy. I thought that was so sweet.

Belle decided all the decorating was too much, so she climbed in the car seat after we took Sara Madalin out and she took a little nap.

Catherine showed up toward the end to help dye the last 2-4 dozen eggs. Here's a photo of everyone who helped tonight. Craig, Amy, Reagan, Me, Sara Madalin, B.B., Anna, Catherine, and Scooter.

I love this tradition. I look forward to it again when Sara Madalin can REALLY help.

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Regina and David said...

looks like everyone had a really fun night! Everyone looks great. I love some of her faces in the first photos. The one with her tongue stuck out is my favorite, ha.