Apr 17, 2009

Flashback Friday #13

First, let me say, I know already, before I do this, that I will have to answer for it later with SOMEONE. But, I'm pretty sure I can handle the heat.

Now, on to today's flashback. In keeping with the post about a certain birthday boy earlier this week, I thought the flashback should also feature him. Trust me, I've got some good stuff here.

Guess who this little man is. My husband. He's being held by his older sister, Susan. What a sweet little baby.

Reagan and his Daddy. This was in April 1970. See that couch? It was our first couch when we got married... in 1996!!!!

I'm pretty sure, this was Reagan's brother's doing. Reagan admits he's never been very athletic.

Look at those cute curls. And chubby cheeks. Kind of reminds me of someone else I know. Hmmmmmm........ (Oh, the table and chairs... ours in 1996 as well.)

Easter with his Daddy. Reagan's mom must have REALLY liked to see him in plaid. You'll see why I say that in a minute.

Another plaid blazer. This one with a fashionable little bow tie. 

And again, a plaid blazer. But a little less LOUD. 

The graduate. He even finished kindergarten at the top of his class. 

In the band. He played the flute, then the drums.

And finally, high school graduation. He was valedictorian, of course. I told you - MATH ROCK STAR!!!!

I think that should be enough for everyone to take in for today. Oh, but there's more. Trust me. Just give me a little time to put it together. 

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Regina and David said...

Lil' Reagan was too cute! haha He looks like that kid from the movie Problem Child in the photo with the bowtie, lol. And the one at the birthday party looks just like Sara Madalin! Thanks for sharing. We love us some Reagan!! :)

Regina and David said...

oh, sorry, I forgot to say also that I didn't realize you had that furniture when you got married?? You just must have not invited us over until you went shopping, haha!

Anonymous said...

Malinda, have you noticed on the birthday picture that Sara Madalin looks alot like Reagan. That is so amazing. Isn't God good. I think you should that picture in a double frame beside a picture of Sara Madalin. Pat F.