Apr 24, 2009

Flashback Friday #14

Earlier this week I posted about our Brunch with Barbie. I shared about the ladies of my church and how we had such a great time of fellowship. So, I thought for my flashback this week, I'd look back at another similar event we had a few years ago. In 2007 we had a ladies' dinner that we called, "Hats Off to Harmony Ladies." (Why we called it that, I'm still not sure. We didn't take our hats off. We put them on. But, whatever.) We had a guest speaker, whose name I can't remember and who I don't have a photo of. (I wasn't as photo crazy then.) However, I do remember we had a great time and I have a few photos of some of the same ladies who attended our brunch this past weekend.

Here's Mrs. Peggy. She's such a mess. We were joking this past weekend about how much I'm going to be like her when I'm older. I told her it's not that I'm GOING to be like her. I already AM like her. We both want things orderly, organized (in our minds anyway) and done right. And we stress ourselves out trying to get things that way.

Here's me and Mrs. Helen. There was a picture of us together this past weekend too. I love Mrs. Helen. She is always dressed up and her make-up and hair are always done. She's so put together.

And here I am with my Martha. She attends another church now. She actually attended another church in 2007. But she came to our dinner anyway. Look at that hat. She's so funny. 

I think I've mentioned this already, but I love these kinds of things with the ladies of my church. It's so much fun to spend time with them.  I look forward to more times of fellowship with them. And more memories to blog about.

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