Apr 12, 2009

Our First Easter

I have quite a few pictures of Sara Madalin's first Easter. Since there are so many pictures, I'm going to try and keep the narration to a minimum. 

First, here we are as we walked into the living room first thing this morning. 

I put her down and let her crawl over to her baskets. There was a basket of goodies and a basket of eggs. She went for the eggs, which was quickly moved out of her reach.

We opened her basket and her favorite thing in it, other than the Apple Cinnamon flavored puffs, was a set of bath toys. The girl loves her bath.

After we opened her basket and she had a bath, we began what I feel will be a tradition for years to come - we had a disagreement over her Easter wardrobe. I was for the headband. She was against.

She won - this time. Instead of the headband, we went with the curly, natural look.

We had a little time to take a few pictures on the back porch before church. (I think she was still a little upset with me over the headband incident.)

After Sunday school, she made the rounds at church to see all her friends and take a few photos with some of her favorite people. First, she's here with Mrs. Ann. Mrs. Ann has read her blog since right after she was born. She likes to steal a little sugar when she can too.

Then we talked to Mrs. Carolyn for a few minutes.

Then Aunt Bobbye came over. Sara Madalin was fascinated by her necklace.

Here she is with Mrs. Helen, who had a flower on her jacket that was irresistible to our curious little girl.

After church went to Aunt Susan's. Here is our annual photo out by the pool, but with a new smiling face this year.

After the picture, we went in to change clothes. Again, another discussion about our outfit's accessories. She kept it on just long enough for me to take this photo.

Mamaw and Papaw gave her a couple little toys for Easter. She and Papaw had a good time with this little penguin toy.

Here's Jeffery. He's been in Africa with the Peace Corps. He's never officially met Sara Madalin until today. He has only seen her on her blog. It was good to see him. Everybody is so glad he's home.

After lunch, Aunt Susan took Sara Madalin outside. She has some turtle statues out by the pool. They are just the right size for our little girl to climb on top of.

Then, we went back inside to get everyone together to hunt Easter eggs. Here's Sara Madalin with Uncle David and Mandy. Looks like Sara Madalin is trying to move Mandy out of Uncle David's lap.

Aunt Susan helped Sara Madalin with her basket as we went out to hunt eggs.

Here's Sugar finding her first egg.

Mandy and the boys had to find the "real" eggs that Uncle Reagan hid.

The real eggs were supposed to be harder to find than the plastic eggs. How hard is this egg to find? Come on, Uncle Reagan.

"I can't get it open."

The boys were ALMOST too cool to hunt for eggs.

After she and Papaw and Aunt Susan found all the eggs, she and Papaw played in the grass with them for a while.

Here's the family: Timothy (Reagan's nephew), Reagan, Me, Jeffery (Reagan's nephew), Susan, David, Mandy, Mr. Brown, Mrs. Brown and Mitch and Sara Madalin are sitting.

And just because it was there, we let Sara Madalin put her feet in the pool. It was quite cool. She whined at first, then she kept wanting to go back to it. So, we let her sit there and splash for a few minutes. I think she'll be visiting this pool quite a bit this summer.

She gave Mamaw a little love.

Then, she got one more Easter happy from Aunt Susan and Uncle David. A basket with a bunny, some bubles and a book. 

I think she had a good day on her first Easter. I know she will enjoy Easter even more as the years go by.

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Paige said...

So precious! Glad you had a great day.

Regina and David said...

Looks like Sara Madalin had a great first Easter. I love all the photos. The photo of the three of you by the pool is nice. Her smile is soo sweet in it.

Rebecca Powers said...

It looks like y'all had a lot of fun, and stayed busy. Where did you get the basket with her name on it? I love it!

Jana said...

I love all the pics but I am confused as to why Mitch got to sit and the chair and hold SM!!! What makes him that special!!

~the mccrarys~ said...

what a great easter! SM looked cute as always!

Heather said...

There were so many great pictures in this post I can't even pick a favorite. I did like the one with her letting you know she didn't want the headband...and the one where she was wearing another one with a big flower on it...the expressions she has are just too precious! Her Easter dress was gorgeous. It looks like she had a very nice Easter!