Apr 30, 2009

Prayer Request - Katelyn

Katelyn H. at a MS Braves game - Summer 2008

This is Katelyn. She's a sweet little girl at our church. We've been friends with her parents since long before she or her 5-year-old older brother were born. Her dad works with Reagan. We've been on vacations together. They are close, special friends of ours. 

About 30 minutes ago Reagan called me and said that her dad, L.V.,  had left the store to go meet Katelyn and her mother, Donna, at the children's hospital in our area. Katelyn has been having problems lately with losing her balance, stumbling, and falling down for no reason. Her mom took her for a CT scan today and the doctors found a spot on her brain. I don't know all the details. And even if I did, I wouldn't begin to pretend I could explain them fully. All that matters is that Katelyn needs prayer. Her mommy and daddy need prayer. Please pray for the doctors that are examining Katelyn right now. Pray that God gives them wisdom. Pray, pray, pray.

Reagan and I plan to give them a call or go see them in just a little while. If they give me permission, I'll give more details. If not, I'll at least post an update on how she is doing. Regardless, she needs the prayers of everyone who can and will pray for her. Please pray.


Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

Praying for your sweet friends.

Kate said...

I have sent my prayers to that sweet doll. I'll check back and keep praying.