Apr 27, 2009

Tea for Two

Sunday afternoon Sara Madalin and I were blessed to attend a fundraiser for The Christmas Village. The event was a tea party. Well, I'm game for anything that allows me to wear a pretty hat. And Sara Madalin is game for ANYTHING. So, we put on our party dresses and off we went. Well, after a picture at our house first.

The Tea was held at Rosemeade, the home of John Arthur and Patricia Eaves. It is an old plantation that is the epitome of Southern beauty, grace, and charm.

I was invited to the Tea by a blogging friend, Kathy. Just moments after we arrived, I saw her and her daughter and mother. Of course, I had to have a picture. I'm so thankful for her and others like her that God has placed in my life through blogging. We were talking about how we don't remember how we stumbled upon each other in the blogging world but I'm so thankful that we did. God has used her to encourage me and to mentor me. She has given me guidance and suggestions in the area of women's ministry and even in the area of mothering. I'm so glad we got to meet in person. I'm also thankful to have met her daughter, Sydney. She is precious and so kind and polite.

Sara Madalin and I walked around the grounds. You can't tell it by most of my pictures, but the entire plantation was teeming with Southern Belles wearing their "garden attire" and many wearing their hats, because the sun in the south, it is almost too much to bear, y'all. I love going to things like this. It is what living in the South is all about. Garden parties, big hats, roses, and glasses of iced sweet tea. 

There was a fountain in the center of the rose garden. Sara Madalin kept wanting to go over to it. So, we finally did. I think she thought is was a swimming pool. It's about the size of the pool at Maley's.  She really liked the water coming out of the lion's mouth.

And of course, we can't be near water without placing our hand in it to splash a bit.

I wanted a picture of her with the roses in the background. All she cared about was pulling up as much grass as she could before I could get to her to take it away from her.

Oh, about her dress. I was shopping a few weeks ago and saw this on sale. I didn't really have plans for it. I just thought it was too cute to pass up. Then we got an invitation for the Tea and I realized this dress would be perfect for it. It has a tu-tu made of tulle that is folded in a way that it holds like silk flower petals. It was so cute. Several ladies stopped us to tell her how cute she was and how much they loved her dress.

We also got to see another friend of ours, Connie. Connie and her husband, Buddy, are special friends of ours. We all started our adoption process with Bethany Christian Services at the same time. Her husband is a minister and they also volunteer with the Christmas Village. She was one of the hostesses of this event.

To cool off from the terrible heat outside, Sara Madalin and I, along with most everyone else, went inside the house to tour the beautifully decorated rooms.

We found a baby grand piano. I sat Sara Madalin down for a photo. Note to self: Don't sit a curious child at a piano unless you want her to begin banging on the keys. 

Here are a few shots of some of the ladies at the tea. There was so many ladies and I didn't take nearly enough photos.

These are the ladies that Sara Madalin and I sat with. I can only remember the name of the lady holding Sara Madalin. Her name is Jackie and the ladiy in the black dress and straw hat is Dot, I think. They were so sweet.  There was only a few tables in the shade and they pulled up a chair with them so we could sit there and Sara Madalin wouldn't have to sit in the sun.

I tried to take a couple photos of Sydney and Sara Madalin. Sydney was an angel. Sara Madalin, again, was far more interested in the grass.

Here I am with my Sugar-Sugar. We had such a wonderful time. I look forward to so many more times like this spent with my baby girl.

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Regina and David said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I am sure I would have loved that!!! What a beautiful home. Glad you all had a great time.

Katie (and Tony) said...

Ok, I can't stand not commenting anymore. You are too precious and your daughter adorable! I never wanted to comment bc you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Nicki's. She and I met on our international adoption paths with the same agency. And well, now I have a Russian Prince and a Polish Princess. The Spirit of Adoption has been such a blessing in our life. It is abundantly clear your sweet girl is blessed with you!

Now, onto the matter at hand. Can you please tell us where you get your hats?

Sugar's Mommy said...

You're so funny. Thanks for finally commenting. And thanks for reading about our sweet girl. Yes, she has blessed us. God has blessed us.

My hats? I get them where ever I happen to find them. Departments stores. Flea markets. I LOVE hats. And shoes. And Handbags. You know the song, "I Enjoy Being a Girl." That's my theme song.

Please come back. And please comment more often.