Apr 14, 2009

Thank God She's a Country Girl

We finally got our 4-wheeler out of the shop where it's been having a few minor repairs done. So, Reagan decided he'd ride Sara Madalin in the backyard this past Saturday afternoon. All our neighbors have 4-wheelers and they ride around all the time. We want to get her used to seeing them, hearing them and riding one. 

I have to tell you, she loved it. This child is fearless.

They rode really slowly and never left the backyard.

She smiled the whole time and was so still. She kept looking over at me to see if I saw her. She does that when she tries something new, she looks to see if we've noticed. I think it's so sweet.

And notice the outfit - a t-shirt, a diaper and NOTHING else. She'd go naked if I'd let her. She's learning how to undo her diaper. She un-did (is that even a word?) it while I was trying to dress her this past weekend. I have a feeling, before mid-summer, she'll be running around without any clothes on. So not what I envisioned when I found out I'd have a little girl. But, she's happy, and that's all that matters.

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K Storm said...

She looks like she's having a ball!! And I know what you mean about the diaper...I had to keep Sissy's covered so she wouldn't undo it!

Paige said...

Love it... She is going to be one well-rounded little girl! Girly, but not afraid to get her hands dirty.