Apr 2, 2009

Update on Sugar

A few of you have emailed me and asked about Sara Madalin. I've sent a few emails and shared with a few friends and family members on Facebook. But for the others, here's a little update:

She is doing so much better. We went to the doctor yesterday for a follow up visit. He listened to her chest and said that she needed to continue her breathing treatments every 4 hours through Friday. Starting Saturday, we move to treatments every 6 hours. She's also still on her antibiotic for the two ear infections. But, by the way she's acting, you'd never know she's sick. I'm supposed to call him Monday to update him on how she sounds and how her cough is. Then, she has a visit Wednesday. (I think.)

She's her curious, busy little self. Thanks for asking about our sweet girl. It's so encouraging to have friends and family who care about her. 

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