Apr 23, 2009

We REALLY Hate Ear Infections

Guess where we went tonight. If you guessed the after-hours clinic with ANOTHER ear infection, you are right! 

When I picked her up from Mrs. Gail's today, she was sleepy (and she'd slept from 11:30 until 3:00) and HOT. I got her home and took her temperature. It was 103.6! Talk about a scared little mommy - that was me. I called Reagan, then the dr.'s office. They told me to rotate giving her tylenol and Motrin every 4-6 hours to see if the fever went down. I wasn't happy with that suggestion. So, I decided we were going to make a visit to the after-hours clinic. I gave her tylenol, a cool bath and began to wipe her head with a cold bath rag. Reagan came on home and gave her some Motrin. Can I just say, thank you Jesus for Motrin. Her fever dropped down to normal within 20-30 minutes. But we went on to the clinic anyway. Reagan felt that just because her fever came down, that didn't mean the reason for her fever had changed. We had a little time before our appointment so we went to eat dinner at Primo's. Our girl sat in a booster seat for the first time tonight. Look at our (sick?) big girl.

The only downside to her sitting in a booster seat next to me instead of a high chair is that I had little hands reaching over into my plate the whole time I was trying to eat. 

After we left Primo's, we went over to the clinic. She's been on an antibiotic since Sunday for the ear infection she was diagnosed with Sunday afternoon. The doctor looked at her ears and told us that the antibiotic was not working. He said both ears had chronic ear infections. We told him about the ENT appointment Monday. He said that's a good thing. (Pretty sure we're gonna get those tubes in her ears.) So, he suggested rosephen (not sure of the spelling - guess I could ask Reagan since he has that Rph after his name and all, but anyway) shots. One tonight, one tomorrow, one Saturday. So, this is what we did while we waited for the nurse to come give her a shot.

Who's sick? Anyway, the nurse came and gave her a shot - which she was so not happy about. And we get to do it again tomorrow. Yay!!!

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Paige said...

Hope she gets to feeling better soon! Looks like she had a fun time at the Dr's office.

Heather said...

Awww, poor Sara Madalin! I hope she gets rid of that nasty old ear infection soon! Those pictures of her ripping up the paper in the doctors office made me laugh...Gia does the same thing!